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The latest product to be developed by Intellicore Technologies to assist a person in losing weight is the trim-14 weight loss program. This program will increase the metabolism of the body and it has been proven to be a very effective method for people who want to lose weight. The Intellicore Trim-14 Weight Decrease Program is guaranteed to work and it comes with a free trial offer.


When you ask about Trim-14, the answer is a resounding YES. The name Trim-14 is derived from its ability to help in the removal of fat deposits. This is done by dissolving the fat molecules. The process does not only help in removing the unwanted fat deposits, but also helps in maintaining the health of your body. Hence, it is effective for all those people, who are suffering from unwanted body fats.

In fact, Trim-14 helps in proper regulation of the blood circulation of the body. The body is regulated by the proper flow of the blood through out the body. This is essential to keep the system in a healthy condition. If there is any blockage in the blood circulation or any disturbance in the normal regulation of the blood circulation, then it results into accumulation of fats in the body. This can cause various problems such as the accumulation of the fats in the abdominal area, flab around the waist, the increase of the cholesterol level in the body, etc.

Trim-14 Ingredients

Trim-14 helps in fat removal from the body by regulating the blood circulation. It helps in preventing the accumulation of fats in the body, helps in reduction of the fats deposited in the areas around the middle, arms, legs, etc. it also helps in proper regulation of the hormones that regulate the appetite. The hormones regulate the calories consumed and the nutrients absorbed by the body.

Trim-14 comes in different forms. You can have the trimmer designed for self-defense, grooming, or personal use. It is made up of a lightweight aluminum frame with hand wheels, which allows you to maneuver easily while cutting the excess fat. With the help of the hand wheels, it becomes easy to trim unwanted hairs.

The design of the Trim-14 allows you to control the speed, so that it does not overheat while trimming the unwanted hairs on your body. This helps in regulating the blood circulation of the body. If there is poor blood circulation in any part of the body, it leads to many health problems.

There are different types of accessories that are available with the Trim-14, which helps in attaining healthy hair. The accessory includes an air dryer which is used for drying the body after trimming the excess. The heat helps in removing the water, which is produced due to the fatty deposits that get stuck in the follicle. This prevents the growth of moles and brings about proper hair growth.

How Trim-14 Work Effectievly?

The trimmer comes in different colors and patterns. You can choose one that suits your personality and enhances your looks. The trimmers come with different attachments that ensure a proper trimming of the body and thus provide you with healthy hair.The attachments include a nail clipper, a comb, and a brush. With the help of these accessories, you can easily trim the body without going through a tracheotomy. This is the most effective technique for regulation of the blood flow in the body. The complete process takes about an hour. However, you can safely trim the excess as and when necessary.

This trimmer uses ionic technology that stimulates the scalp. This ion treatment helps in stimulating the production of natural minerals like copper, zinc and magnesium. This stimulates hair growth. The trimmer also helps in relaxing the facial muscles to enhance hair growth. This is done by sending air to the hair follicles through the use of the fan.

The fan also helps in regulating the temperature in the air that is outside. This helps in keeping the temperature moderate and thus ensuring a comfortable environment inside the house. The fan also helps in eliminating dandruff that is common with people who are suffering from baldness. The trimming also allows for proper circulation of air in the body which is important in providing proper nourishment to the scalp.

The trimming accessory also features different levels of intensity for the different stages of hair growth. It helps in getting rid of unwanted hair and promoting healthy growth. It comes with various accessories like combs, brushes and trays. Trimming the hair makes it easier for the person to comb it when he or she grows out of the hair growth.


Trimming the hair with this trimmer can be done all day and all night. This is because it has different attachments for different kinds of hair. Some attachments come with stopwatch and timers for each hair strand. There are also attachments that can trim in varying angles. This trimmer also has an ionic recharge system that ensures that the batteries do not wear down quickly. It also comes with a five year limited warranty.


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Zenith Labs

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GMP-Certified, Made-in USA

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90 Capsules/bottle

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Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Chromium, Citrus Aurantium (also called Bitter Orange), Fucoxanthin, Guarana Seed, Hoodia Gordonii, Irvingia Garbones Seed Extract, Korean Ginseng Root, Raspberry Ketones, Rhodiola Rosea, White Kidney Bean Extract & Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia

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