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Sleep Wave Syndrome is a sleep disorder where people have persistent symptoms of waking during the night. Some people also experience light sleep during the night, although it is only a temporary phase. The most likely cause for a person to have Night Sleep Wave Disorder is the progressive loss of muscle tone, accompanied by decreased brain activity, in the brains of most people who suffer from this condition. This type of sleep disorder can eventually lead to a variety of serious medical conditions if not treated properly. Sleep doctors have developed tests that measure brain activity during a patient’s normal sleep to determine if he or she might have Sleep Wave Disorders.


Sleep Wave Activity (SWA) is the brain wave activity which occurs during slow-wave sleep or non-reflexive waking. Slow-wave sleep, also called rapid eye movement sleep (REMS), usually involves rapid eye movement (REMS) which is associated with elevated beta waves. Initially, SWS involved the rapid eye movement stage of non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep (NREM) which was later replaced by slow-wave sleep, which had less evoked brain activity. The relationship between SWA and chronic sleep restriction or insomnia is currently being studied. Some researchers believe that sleep deprivation may play a crucial role in patients suffering from depression and other mood disorders such as anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder.

The Sleep Disorder Association of America, or SDA, is one of the many professional organizations dedicated to sleep disorders and the sleep-wake cycle. Chronic sleep restriction is a common problem which can be associated with many health problems such as depression and anxiety. In fact, a recent study revealed that sleep deprivation is the most common sleep disorder, which is diagnosed in U.S. sleep center patients. A key to the understanding of sleep deprivation is the difference between normal sleep requirements and the required amount of sleep when people are sleep deprived or insomnia. It is important that people who are frequently sleep deprived should be evaluated for a possible sleep disorder.

Sleep Wave Ingredients

The SWA or the slow-wave activity is the brain activity that occurs during non-REM sleep (e.g., during the night). Slow-wave sleep is typically associated with deep sleep, which is associated with arousals and nocturnal sleep. As compared to the rapid eye movement stage of sleep (REMS), the delta sleep wave which is a wavelength of light waves which are associated with the B stage in human sleeping cycles, is the sleep stage which is characterized by slower brain waves during sleep. The slow-wave sleep stage is particularly important in regulating human metabolism as it accounts for the slowing down of gastric emptying and neuroendocrine processes such as the regulation of emotions and stress hormones.

People are normally in a B or REM sleep stage for an average of seven to eight hours each day. When people are unable to sleep or if they have suffered a mild bout of insomnia, they may show signs of a sleep phase shift which might be attributed to a disturbance of the sleep cycle or the circadian rhythm. There are times when people display extended periods of delta sleep. This can be linked to a number of different causes including jet lag, shift work, shift schedules, temporary unemployment and the use of prescription drugs such as melatonin and Valium.

How Sleep Wave Work Effectievly?

There are certain factors which set off the sleep phase shifting process. Some experts believe that alterations in hormone levels during menopause could be behind this phenomenon. In addition, it is also believed that the natural sleep cycle gets disrupted because of environmental disruptions such as too much light, sleep deprivation and too little exercise. The main problem with delta sleep phase shifting is that it may only be a temporary disorder and it may soon resolve itself. For instance, researchers found that women who took hormone replacement therapy (HRT) had better sleep after a period of three months than those who did not take any hormonal supplements. However, this type of treatment may only be effective if the hormone levels are well balanced before going on regular HRT.

For those who have experienced a delta sleep phase during the night, it is possible to train your brain to go to a longer stage of sleep by exposing yourself to dim light or bright light for short periods during the day. Doing so will allow you to transition from a B stage to a delta stage of sleep more easily and naturally. The result will be a reduction in the number of times you experience sleep disruptions during the night.

While there is no universal approach to inducing sleep, a combination of melatonin and light exposure may help. It is important to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to too much light because this can also disrupt the sleep cycle. Experts recommend waking up an hour or two earlier each day to increase the chance of hitting the desired stage of sleep.


If you are suffering from insomnia and you do not want to undergo a drastic lifestyle change, you should try some natural methods to help you fall asleep. This may involve changing your diet or engaging in physical activities like yoga, tai chi or swimming. All these measures have been found to be helpful in increasing the duration of the sleep phase. Of course, you need to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to harsh sunlight because this can cause damage to the eyes or cause melatonin to become ineffective in the long run. It is important to choose natural remedies that can help you sleep better at night.


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