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Many people wonder if meditation in a bottle can really help them reach their meditative goals. We have all heard of “The Secret” and many times have wondered if the techniques espoused in the movie are real and how they can be practiced on a daily basis to bring greater success into their lives. Meditation in a Bottle is the answer to many peoples prayers. Is it really possible to experience the benefits of meditation in a bottle? How does it work? Read on to find out!


Meditation in a bottle is a new twist on the age old concept of meditation. We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking, and how it can change your entire outlook on life. But did you know that the way you react to stress can have an impact on how stressed you are? Negative emotions like anxiety, anger or sadness can be a symptom of chronic pain, and meditating can reverse these negative emotions and help you cope with chronic pain. People who meditate can take control over their emotional state and actively work to reduce or eliminate their emotional triggers, thus reducing or eliminating their stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is often called the “fight-or-flight” hormone, and its presence in the bloodstream can have an impact on the body’s ability to handle stress.

Chronic pain is often a symptom of some other underlying medical condition, and medication may be necessary to treat the pain. Medication isn’t always the best approach, however. Often, the underlying cause of the pain needs to be addressed in order to provide relief to the person suffering from chronic pain. Meditation in a bottle takes this a step further by combining the use of meditation with supplements designed to help the individual manage stress, improve mood and balance the body’s responses to stress.

Meditation in a Bottle Ingredients

Chronic pain is often caused by the body’s inability to effectively handle stress. When stress is present for any length of time, the body releases chemicals that are designed to deal with the situation. One of these chemicals is cortisol, which is produced when the body is faced with stress. When meditating in a bottle, the meditator takes a minute to try and calm their mind and their body by repeating a set of positive statements. The stress hormone cortisol is released, and the meditator uses the bottle as a distraction to allow the stress hormone to be released before returning to their daily stress level.

While the effects of stress on the brain are well-known, the effects on the physical body are less well-known. Cortisol levels peak during times of high stress and drops during times of low stress. Meditation in a bottle helps to prevent the stress hormone from being released at an elevated level during periods of high stress. It also helps to lower cortisol’s levels during times of stress as well. By using the bottle during times of stress, the meditator is training the brain to release the stress hormone and not the other way around.

How Meditation in a Bottle Work Effectievly?

Meditation in a bottle is also effective because it allows the meditator to take their mind off the bottle. While stress is not a bad thing, many people find that they have a hard time dealing with it when stress is part of their daily routine. The meditator can put the bottle to the side, relax and take a calming deep breath. As the stress hormone declines, they will find that they are able to relax and their symptoms of anxiety and panic will subside. This will allow them to practice meditation without the fear of relapse.

Meditation in a bottle is also useful for people who want to become more grounded in themselves. Becoming grounded is important in order to make sure you do not experience negativity when going through your day. Meditation is very effective in allowing a person to be at peace in themselves and allow them to be in charge of their emotions. When a person is meditating, they are able to gain insight into how they are reacting to certain situations. They may find that they are taking advantage of the situation or that they need to try something else. By practicing meditation during high stress times, they will be able to know when they are at their best and how they can change how they react to certain situations.

The third reason why meditation in a bottle is so useful is that there are no side effects to meditating. Some people may find that their bodies become accustomed to certain meditations, so when they attempt a new one, they may find that they are experiencing unwanted side effects from what they have been doing. This may include dizziness, lightheadedness or even trouble breathing. With a bottle of your own water to meditate in, this cannot happen.


In conclusion, meditation in a bottle has been proven to help a lot of people deal with stress and anxiety. It allows someone to practice meditation in a safe environment without having to make drastic changes to their daily life. Meditators can practice on their own time and without sacrificing any productivity during their day. These benefits should make it very easy for anyone to take advantage of. Anyone can meditate to release stress and lower their stress levels, but they have to have a strong desire to do it. There are also no known negative side effects to meditating, so everyone can get started in their own homes.


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