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BP Zone is an all natural herbal dietary supplement designed by Dr Ryan Shelton from Zenith Labs. It is touted as one of the best herbal remedies for hypertension. Dr. Shelton claims in his review of BP Zone that it can treat and prevent hypertension. I decided to try it out and I will be reviewing it in my next article, but first let me tell you why I chose it as opposed to some of the other diet supplements available today.


BP Zone is an herbal dietary supplement that aims to help lower high blood pressure. However, is it really safe? Well, let us discuss this point briefly. The ingredients of BP Zone consist of policosanol, tocopheryl, hedera helix ivy, oleuropein, diosmin, hedera helix ivy and many more.

So, how can we reduce blood pressure? Simple answer… Reduce the intake of foods that are rich in fat content! This includes saturated fats, cholesterol levels, and salt. Also, avoid smoking and drinking. Exercise regularly and watch your weight.

BP Zone Ingredients

In addition, experts recommend increasing antioxidant intake by 30% or more. Choose fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, and try to cook them. Also, you should remove any oxidizing compounds from the food. These include fried items and fast foods such as burgers and fries.In addition, you can take antioxidant supplements with other natural ingredients. These natural ingredients can be taken together. However, please note that you should talk to your doctor first before taking any supplement. He would be able to give you good advice regarding which supplements to take.

The main ingredients of BP Zone are policosanol, tocopheryl, hedera helix ivy, oleuropein, diosmin, hedera helix ivy and many more. Some of these ingredients have been proven to reduce the levels of bad LDL cholesterol (LDL) and increase the levels of good HDL cholesterol (HDL). Also, some ingredients are shown to protect the liver from alcohol. And some can prevent the formation of blood clots that cause heart disease.

The benefits of the BP Zone are not limited to lowering cholesterol, it can also lower blood pressure. It has also been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. It is also known to prevent fatty deposits in the arteries. These are all possible because it contains natural plant extracts.

However, while everyone wishes for lower cholesterol levels, they do not want to risk their health in any way. So, if you think that you have high cholesterol, do not take this supplement. You should consult your doctor first. But if you have mild high cholesterol, BP ZONE should be effective. And even if you have borderline high cholesterol, BP Zone could work for you.

How BP Zone Work Effectievly?

What makes BP Zone effective? Its ingredients are all natural. They have not been tested or approved by the FDA. However, all these factors are in favor of BP ZONE since these ingredients are natural and safe. So, if you want to lower your BP levels without having to take prescription drugs, then BP Zone should work for you.

For one, it is all natural. No prescription is needed to buy BP Zone. There is no need to talk to your doctor about other prescription drugs since it is all natural. Thus, it works to stabilize your blood sugar levels, which in turn lowers your cholesterol levels.

This also helps in increasing the number of HDL cholesterol. This is great news for people with hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol levels. In addition, it helps in reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol can lead to heart attacks and strokes. BP ZONE helps in increasing the level of HDL cholesterol, which is a good thing as well because it helps to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

Besides that, another great thing about BP ZONE is that it uses ingredients that are all natural. That means there are no harmful chemicals included in this supplement. Thus, it is definitely safer than other cholesterol control supplements out on the market.As you might know, prescription drugs can be very costly. BP Zone, however, does not need a prescription to buy, since it is all natural.

Final Verdict

It is definitely more affordable than those pricey pharmaceuticals out there. Plus, with the all natural ingredients contained in BP Zone, you can be sure that you will not have any side effects. Thus, it is definitely a great alternative to many prescription drugs out there today.BP Zone definitely has its merits. It does not only help in controlling blood sugar levels. It also helps in improving cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure. All in all, it is a must try if you want to get rid of your BP naturally without risking your health.

BP Zone Result

Additional information

Serving Size

4 Capsule


Garlic Root Bulb, Hibiscus Flower, Magnesium Citrate, Saffron Bulb



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Brand Name

Zenith Labs

User age limit

People above age 18

Safety Warning

Do not use if pregnant or nursing

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No of capsules

120 Capsules/bottle

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  1. Shiera Sanders

    “When deciding to try BP Zone,my thoughts were:”what do I have to lose,let’s see if ir works!”Since taking BP Zone,the results were enough to convince me that it’s working.Try it and see if it works for you!”

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