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Bio-Fit has been around for many years and has been successful in creating a positive change in the lives of many people. Bio-Fit offers a wide variety of services including weight loss programs, fitness trainer, nutrition education, personal training, and more. Many people have had a great experience with Bio-Fit and have referred it to friends and family as a great fitness training program. But as with anything else, you need to be careful when looking into the company that is involved in helping to develop your fitness plan.


Bio-Fit is a natural weight loss system developed by Isabel De Los Rios. It consists of downloadable workout videos, a nutritional guide, diet food list, and an audio book by Isabel De Los Rios. Bio-Fit targets your digestive system to eliminate unneeded waste and toxins that lead to fat formation and poor digestion leading to weight gain. It also strengthens your immune system, increases your energy level and helps you burn fat and lose weight naturally. Bio-Fit not only targets the intestines but also the kidneys, liver and colon, which are three major areas in the body responsible for weight control.

Isabel De Los Rios believes that one of the keys to weight loss and fat reduction is detoxification. Her system helps you improve your immunity system through improving intestinal health while simultaneously speeding up your metabolism to burn fat and lose weight naturally. Bio-Fit includes a special formula that helps regulate the activity of fat-burning enzymes in your intestines. This means you will be able to absorb the nutrients in your food faster thereby reducing your weight.

Bio Fit Ingredients

Bio-Fit also contains proprietary blends of herbs that de-stress your body and help you reduce stress levels. It makes you feel happier and boosts your energy level. It reduces headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, boils and blisters, dandruff, acne, dry skin, boils, varicose veins, backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tingling and itching sensations, restless leg syndrome and more. Bio-Fit works on your body in a holistic manner by offering a variety of therapeutic treatments. These include detoxification methods, personalized nutrition plans, meal replacement shakes and customized nutritional supplements.

The combination of Bio-Fit foods with specially formulated blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs helps speed up your metabolism and burn fat quickly. The fat-burning enzymes found in Bio-Fit help eliminate built-up toxins in your body, resulting in quick weight loss. It is a detoxifying diet plan that offers a variety of cleansing treatments to rid your body of harmful toxins that cause illness.

How Bio Fit Work Effectievly?

You will need to remove harmful toxins through daily exercise, proper diet and supplements. Excess fat is removed from the system through regular exercise. Proper diet ensures that you have adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain an optimal state of health. Supplements such as Bio-Fit Master Cleanse and Xtend-TK help break down fat and toxins and help your body’s immune system fight infection.

A combination of healthy eating and daily exercise will create a positive change in your overall health and will lead to longer, healthier years. Bio-Fit also has many options for those who want to achieve weight loss. The Master Cleanse and Xtend-TK are two options available to you. The Master Cleanse Cleanses program allows you to enjoy the benefits of the lemonade cleansing diet while avoiding the side effects of water weight loss. You will lose the excess pounds by flushing out toxins and impurities from your body.

Your body’s immune system is strengthened, while you experience the benefits of the Xtend-TK supplement. This ingredient is extracted from sheep wool and encourages the body’s natural cleansing capabilities. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can greatly increase your results. Bio-Fit also offers a supplement called SlimLine. This supplement contains green tea extract that helps eliminate toxins from your body and slow the effects of aging.


If you have had success in losing weight by fasting or using other restrictive methods, you may have found that Bio-Fit has a solution for you. This system works with your body’s natural processes to reduce fat and toxins build up. With this combination you will be able to reduce the risk of disease and illness. Your skin will also look better, your energy level will soar, and you will feel more vibrant. By combining these herbs with proper diet and exercise, you will be able to reach your weight loss goals and keep them.


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  1. Shiera Sanders

    BioFit is a powerful Combination of 7 ingredients, Clinically shown to support healthy gut biohm. The secret ingredients in the formulation, is a specially engineered Lactobacillus strain to maximize results.

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